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Superior Educationfor a Brighter Future

University (US University) serves the under-served, helping students fulfill their vision of a career as a bilingual, bicultural professional in health care and education. Our students seek a better future, and we work to ensure that they receive the superior education they need in a safe, nurturing environ- ment.

Like many of our students, you may have faced difficult set-backs in life. Success can seem daunting and unattainable. You may wonder how you will fit education into your daily life when you already feel the pull of responsibilities and limited resources. We are here to help you reach your goals, with flexible programs to fit your schedule, one-on-one guidance and assistance with financial aid.

A Helping Handon Your Journey to Success

Here, you never go it alone. We hold your hand when you need us and help you navigate your journey to become a well-prepared professional with a Bachelor's degree, Master's degree or specialized credential. US University offers a nurturing community of students, faculty and staff who take a personal interest in your success.

Our student-centered approach is anything but one size fits all, and that is part of the reason our students reach their educational goals. We take a personal interest in your learning experience, providing customized help according to your needs. Through a superior educational experience and understanding of the needs and dreams of the students we serve, US University offers a bridge to a brighter future